Hero Fund America Grants


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Otter Lake Fire Department, Otter Lake, NY: The fire department has recently purchased a UTV for rural fire, rescue and EMS response to their district and surrounding departments. The department would like to add wild land fire fighting equipment to the UTV for rural fire response to provide protection and reuse to individuals and property in remote areas. The district covers many snowmobile trails, lakes, wilderness not accessible by roads. Following the instillation of this equipment, training of our department and mutual aid will begin as soon as possible to insure proper operation and safety.

City of Newberry Fire Department in Newberry, Florida: for in-house and off-site advanced EMS training, fire operations and tactical training

South Minden Volunteer Fire Department in Fort Plain, NY for aid in purchasing of communication equipment and reflective gear


Southern University Police Dept, Baton Rouge, LA: to purchase 13 first aid kits for the patrol units

Sharon Springs Fire Department, Sharon Springs, NY: to purchase CPR and first aid training for all members of the fire department, purchase TOT finder window stickers for families with small children in the fire district, purchase handwarmers for use by personnel during winter emergency incidents

Niagara Engine Co #6, Schoharie FD: to purchase new pair of vehicle stabilization tools which assist during the scene of a motor vehicle accident to stabilize the vehicle, currently use wooden blcks cut into vairous shapes

Global Rescue Systems, Morrisville, MO: provide education and training to first responders that will increase their ability to perform rapid water rescue from a distance of 250 feet from the victim


Cobleskill Police Department: – CPD received funds to assist with our “Shop with a Cop” program.

Churchtown FD, Hudson, NY – education and training needs